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Have you ever tried to sell your home by yourself or with a realtor and it just didn’t seem to work? It’s not due to luck whether or not you sell your home. 20 percent of realtors sell 80 percent of real estate because of their work ethic, marketing skills, and knowledge of the market.

I understand the pain and stress of not being able to sell your home. You may depend on the sale of your house in order to buy a new one.  I use the best possible tools in order to sell your home for the highest price and as fast as possible. I work tirelessly in order to deliver you the results you want.

I am not just saying this. I have literally succeeded where others have failed. One client of mine was using another realtor and had their home on the market for

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“I already have a mortgage, and now I have to pay monthly fees to my complex, too?” 

Developments such as condominiums, cooperative apartments, planned-unit developments, and single family homes in private communities are the fastest growing form of housing in the United States today. Most of these are part of a homeowner’s association, yet there are many misconceptions when it comes to purchasing a property that is part of an HOA. In 2010 alone, it was estimated that HOAs governed 24.8 million American homes and 62 million residents. Since then, this number has increased exponentially and consumers are finding that the benefits and conveniences of buying into an HOA can far outweigh the monthly costs.

First, it’s important to know what the

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1. Spring Cleaning. First thing’s first – deep cleaning! Not only will everything look sparkly and new, but it will feel better to all who are within the freshly washed walls. And don’t forget the windows and floors. Do a full purge while you’re at it and get rid of all unwanted or needed items; kitchen appliances that you hardly use, clothes you haven’t worn in the past year, old furniture etc.Bonus: Spring is the perfect time to host a yard sale!

2. Bright & Light Colors. Incorporating inexpensive items such as bath accessories, throw pillows, shawls, and candles will help give a “pop” of spring to your regular décor. Try colors like lavender, yellow, sage green and pale blue.

3. Here Comes The Sun. With springtime comes an abundance of sunlight, so

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If you were in a $500k or $1M lawsuit, would you hire an attorney or would you go at it alone?

Everything comes at a price.

What sellers may not know is that the price they pay to list their homes on their own may end up costing them much more in the long run. When someone decides to do this they are taking on a great responsibility. We understand the mindset behind this choice, but we have also seen this (more often than not) result in them ultimately choosing to work with an Agent, which could have saved them a great deal of time and money from the get-go.

Have you ever heard yourself say “there are just not enough hours in the day”? Most of us have. Selling a home takes endless hours of time, motivated dedication, and a variety of networking and

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